Saturday, April 17, 2010

not so quiet

Quiet on my blog but not so quiet around here...

We're busy around the house with just a few weeks to go before our little girl is scheduled to arrive. So many little things to take care of for someone so small. I just realized today that I no longer have a baby bathtub -- add it to the list!

Dealing with the aftermath of our car accident last weekend has taken up much of our free time: Doctors' appointments, phone calls and we've still not yet heard if our van will be written off or fixed. It was 'old' (1998) but was perfect and had low kms (only 60,000). There should be an answer for us on Monday. (We're all still fine, all things considered: the accident could have been much, much worse and we are so very thankful that it wasn't!)

Spring is officially here and there is much clean up to do in the yard. Today was a perfect day: warm and sunny with a little breeze. Carter and Logan spent two and a half hours in the sandbox this afternoon while I did paperwork in the sunshine and Mike mulched last fall's leaves and the spring's pine cones. (The pine cones did smell wonderful as they spewed from the lawn tractor!)

There's still much painting, sewing and cleaning to do and it will all get done.... eventually.

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