Friday, April 23, 2010

a quilt for baby

Finally. I've finished one. It may be only slightly bigger than a fat quarter, but I finally finished a quilt! Here it is: a lap quilt for the new baby's car seat. Just a little indulgence!

(Pardon the pics: It's a rainy day and the light is terrible for pictures but I was so excited to show it off!)

I used this quilt to try out some quilting methods that intimidate me: machine quilting, my walking foot (LOVE this little foot -- so worth the $20), applique, "shabby applique", curvy, crazy stitching... and I pretty much love how all of it turned out. I'm pumped up to finish the bigger quilt that's been taunting me from the corner of my office since the end of January. It needs to be re-basted (especially cuz I needed to steal pins out of it to baste this little beauty) and that may be a bit of a challenge being so pregnant and still sporting bruised knees from our car accident two weeks ago (the quilt is too big to baste on a table) but! I'm going to finish it before this little one arrives. That means get to it now.

I found these Moda charm squares called "Flutterby" at Quilt Essential in St. Albert and loved them immediately! Loud and colourful but look closely if you can: each pattern is actually bugs, bees, snails and butterflies.

That is not a poorly placed charm square on the picture above. I appliqued our little girl's first initial on the quilt and the name is still a secret. Just covering up the big letter "?". I have the feeling some (Mom/Gramma) would guess instantly and correctly if she saw it. Now she probably knows anyways after all this secrecy.

A view of the left side of the quilt and the shabby flowers I appliqued next to the big letter "?". I used a smaller piece of Heat 'n Bond than the flower to keep it in place but still let the leaves and flowers fray a bit in the wash. And a stripe of bright pink ric rac. I love ric rac.

A closer look at the shabby flowers and stitching. I wanted a 'stitchy' look to the flowers and initial but appliqued to my quilt top rather than the quilt sandwich to keep the back neater. I think this may be a faux pas because I couldn't find a tutorial for quilt appliques online that did it like this but hey, it's my quilt.

Now I just need a baby girl to tuck under this cozy quilt!

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Shirley Feenstra said...

What an absolutely gorgeous little quilt! I'm trying to picture a little princess tucked in under it. That'll be soon. Sighhh....


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