Friday, June 4, 2010

at the beach

The weather is warming up around here and we're starting to talk about using that holiday trailer we bought while there was still snow on the ground. I'm looking forward to going to the beach with the kids but not so sure about sporting a bathing suit at this juncture. After all, Paityn was born just a week and a day ago.

Take a look at the fabulous beach cover-up Dana from MADE has sewn up! I think it's a must-have for modest beaching and looks to be so easy to assemble! Just a thin beach towel and some shirring. Think of all the cute but thin, crappy, this'll never absorb enough water beach towels you've seen. Your daughter probably needs one too.


Terri said...

I saw that one too. I think it would look absolutely fabulous on you... and practical too now that you are carrying one while chasing two. :)

Terri @ said...

I think that your blog looks wonderful. How do you link your posts like you did with this one on the beach cover up? :)


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