Monday, June 28, 2010

beat me to it

I'm so glad someone beat me to this idea and I can follow someone else's solution. I was foolish to think I was the only one dealing with this issue: I've only got two hands but sometimes I need to hold onto Carter's hand, Logan's hand, a carseat with Paityn inside and a diaper bag. I usually hold one boy's hand and the boys hold hands, and carry Paityn with my other hand.... Make It and Love It's idea will work well though and if you were really hard core you could even fashion these straps and attach to your belt.

I'm thinking about making two shorter ones for the stroller so Carter and Logan have a dedicated place to hold on to while we go for walks in the neighborhood or while shopping with the stroller. The boys currently like to hold on to the push-handle but their short stature makes tipping the stroller with Paityn in it a bit of a risk.

Just add it to my list of projects...

1 comment:

Kimberly White said...

what a great idea Rachelle! Thanks!


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