Monday, August 16, 2010

if you were born in 1973

You might be turning 37 today.
(that car might be turning 37 too.)

Happy Birthday to my hubby, Mike!
I love you tonnes and so do our kiddos!

We celebrated on Sunday afternoon with cake and a barbeque'd supper with his parents. Just a lovely day outside...

Carter insisted that Dad needed a candle and picked the Spiderman candle from his own last birthday. It was a bit breezy and we were having trouble getting the candle to stay lit with the 'fire gun' as Logan calls it. I think it's a good name. Better than 'fire clicker' as I call it.

The cake.

As I was icing this cake on Saturday night, I decided it was not my best looking cake (no Martha award this time) but it was sure going to taste really good. Three layers of vanilla pudding on the inside and Betty Crocker helped with the icing on the outside (seems I was out of icing sugar but I totally recommend adding vast amounts of cocoa to a tub of Betty's French Vanilla frosting. YUM!). It made me think of my sister, Becky who had iced 175 cupcakes for our cousin's wedding earlier that day -- with icing made from scratch. I'm sure her work was worthy of the Martha award.

Everyone has their plate of cake. No Logan didn't get half the cake even though it looks like he's about to dig into a complete half of the cake.

That might be half of the cake on his face, though...

as you can see, although it was Mike's Day, all of our days still are all about our kids.

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