Saturday, August 14, 2010

what we've been up to... #1

We've been to Telkwa/Smithers for a family reunion to celebrate Pake & Beppe Heimstra's 60th wedding anniversary....

See three kids crammed into the back seat of our truck? These kids are troopers: no complaints over a sixteen-hour drive.

Pake & Beppe's (and Oma too) first home in Telkwa.

It may not look like it but there are close to 100 people gathered here for family pictures in front of the house.

Aunt Jen went retro on us and brought her kids' Wet Banana for all the grandchildren & great-grandchildren to play on. Aunt Jen even demonstrated (no pics available).

Paityn enjoying some Father-Daughter time with Mike.

One of those silly pictures you take through your windshield while driving. Note the blurry bug spat on the right. But still a lovely view of Mt Robson, no?

Another windshield shot... of some ridiculously huge logs on a logging truck. The small ones were actually more of the same only flipped over to balance the load. Consider there are only 16 logs on this truck. amazing.

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