Saturday, August 14, 2010

what we've been up to... #2

On our trip to Smithers, we also visited with Uncle John, Aunt Sylv and Sheri...

Not only is it fabulous to have an opportunity to visit with MY family once in a while, visiting with them was a welcomed break from the busyness of the family reunion. The boys had a fabulous time playing inside on Saturday and their backyard on Monday morning.

Carter checking out their beautiful flower gardens.

Logan & Uncle John checking out what's to see in a View Finder (tell me you had one of these as a kid! has anyone seen these recently? can we still give them to our kids?)

Carter and Uncle John spent some time kicking a soccer ball around.

Logan still having fun with the View Finder.

Thanks again for the visit!

PS: are you counting? I've nearly made it to 100 posts -- already! I guess I've got to reach 100 in the traditional style and host a giveaway. Stay tuned, this is #98...

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