Saturday, September 4, 2010

worship notes for kids

something from blogland to share with you all -- especially parents of kids 6-10 (I'm just thinking that's an appropriate age for this activity).

Larissa from mmmcrafts shared Worship Notes for Kiddos. so cool. And I'm blogging it so I don't lose it and can't figure out where to find it when my boys need something like this in church.

Hope some of you find it useful for your kids!

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Terri @ said...

Great idea. I'm going to try it out with my boys. I think I'm going with a clipboard for each of them. Hmmmmm, seems better than a duotang. Oh, just rambling... but anyway... are you sending your first to school this fall? Is it that time already? All I have to say is that both Kevin and I cried the day we brought Jed for the first time. It's a new chapter in life. I think the half time Kndergarten thing is just as much to ease the parents in as the kids :) I hope that your little man enjoys school though... that makes it sooooo much easier. I hope that you all adjust to the new season quickly and happily!


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