Sunday, November 7, 2010

playing catch up

It's a bit late for a Halloween post but the speed of life around here it quick, quick, quick of late. I thought perhaps I'd use the extra hour in my day today to update you all with a post or two.

Halloween was an excuse to make cupcakes! Well, not that we really ever need an excuse. And licking out the bowl is so fun. and necessary.

It's serious work, eh?

or not so serious!

Orange icing was requested and this time efficient mom has recently taken to Betty Crocker's delightful French vanilla 'recipe'. All that was needed was a bit of red and orange beat in.

The result. waiting.... waiting.... but didn't have to wait for long!

Always the icing first. (someone leaves their cake for mom. Can you guess who?)

mmmmmm, yummy!

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