Wednesday, January 26, 2011

building a quilt

On Tuesday I mentioned a brand new little boy who's mama asked for a little wee quilt for him because she loves Paityn's quilt so much. Well, even though I have two little boys, my stash of fabric suitable for little boys (or males in general) is sparse. because I can't resist pinks and flowers and girlie-girl prints. So some fabric shopping is required. yesssss!

Now, do I fabric shop with Paityn (negotiating a stroller in the fabric store) and Logan (energetic three year old) in tow while Carter is in school or wait until Friday when we do our errands as a family and have the added pressure of the family waiting in the parking lot becoming grumpier by the second because I'm having trouble finding the very perfect fabric and I'm taking waaaaay too long? Let's consider.... Yup. I took P and L on Tuesday. L did really well because I promised some time in the toy store afterwards. (It's nearly next door -- how convenient! Remembering that for next time.)

Here's what I came home with:

Now to decide pattern and placement...

Hope your day's a good one!

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Terri @ said...

Drooling! I wish you had been into this when my boys were babies. So looking forward to seeing the finished product!!!


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