Friday, January 21, 2011


I know we all marvel at how our kids grow but I love looking back at pictures of our kids and seeing how they've changed. The boys are at a crazy stage right now -- I can't keep up with what they're learning and doing. (I can't keep up with their shrinking pant legs, either.) It's phenomenal, isn't it? And on that thought, here are some 'old' images for you to see as well as some recent. It's good to reflect on what we've accomplished as we begin a new year.

Logan, Summer 2008

Carter, Summer 2008

bringing in the potato harvest, Fall 2009

icing banana cupcakes, March 2010

two proud brothers with their new sister

Paityn on her birthday

Carter & Paityn, Christmas 2010

tobogganing in Manitoba, Christmas 2010

(it's a toboggan slide. think: a bobsledding track but made for kids.)

We discovered that Carter had no fears on the toboggan hills.
(see the spotter at the bottom? That's Papa!)

Paityn at the park

...and so they grow and so it goes.

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