Monday, January 31, 2011

perfect little monday

Mondays around here are home days. We stay in, sometimes continue the weekend mode; sometimes recover from the weekend. Today is shaping up perfectly -- it's one of the 'continuing the weekend' kind of Mondays.

The report on our visit with Snuggles is done and ready to bring to school.

Paityn has been having another bout of rough days with teething -- tooth #2 appeared this morning. But look, she's still happy and smily!

Thank you Auntie Becky for these awesome stencils! I added a new box of pencil crayons and these two boys have been kept busy since lunchtime.

Which means I've been sneaking around doing some of this!
You'll see more tomorrow on Tag-Up Tuesday.

Hope your Monday is as happy as ours!

1 comment:

Terri @ said...

Droooooooling over that quilt!!! <3


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