Sunday, January 23, 2011


Do you have a quiet, comfy place where you go to think? reflect? pray? I do. but not on purpose. It's not often that there is quiet in this household with three little ones under five. Silence is a bit of a treat to me. So much so that I often stay up late after the rest of the household has fallen asleep just to enjoy the silence.

Where's my 'place'? In the quiet of snuggling under a warm blanket and rocking Paityn to sleep. It used to be Logan and before that it was Carter but they don't seem to need that kind of snuggling so much anymore. But in the calm, quiet of the nursery be it 2:00 pm or 2:00 am, once her little eyelids have fallen shut... I'm talking to God, reflecting on blessings, thinking about loved ones, planning my week, deciding on menus, redecorating our home, designing a sewing project. I often sit there long after she's fallen to her sweet dreams.

Then I tuck Paityn in and jump back into the busyness of life at our house.

This afternoon I finally came up with a design for a stroller quilt for this fabric. It's my next project and I'm anxious to get on it!


Terri @ said...

Those are precious times for sure. I still stay up late to get my quiet time :) Enjoy the snuggles and I am so looking forward to seeing your creation.

groothofs said...

I remember being up to nurse at all hours of the night and that time with baby was quiet, sit and reflect time. It was also time I often spent praying for our little ones, for their future and for the little people they were becoming! :)

Also, love the fabric! I am looking forward to helping my sister make a little quilt for my niece this week. That just whets my creative appetite!


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