Friday, February 25, 2011

it rarely happens

Yes, it rarely happens that I get this sick but wow. This. is. crappy.

But I do have something fun to do while resting on the couch -- or trying to rest on the couch amidst tending to the kiddos. My birthday is nearing and when my dh asked me what was on my wish list I thought of only one thing.

The Cinnamon Sticks shop on Etsy.

I've been pining for a piece of my own ever since I ordered this little treat for my Mom for Mother's Day. We put her grandchildren's names and birthstones on it.

So here I sit, trying to decide which one I should pick. Every piece is just pretty and unique. What to pick? What would you pick? (here's some of my favourites...)


Terri @ said...

I think that I would go with the concentric circles... but I agree all of them are beautiful. When is the big day again my dear? March ..... ?

groothofs said...

I love the top right pic. The circle for each child and stone to go with it. I, too have drooled over these... Maybe one day!

Terri @ said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I hope it's a great one for you.


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