Thursday, March 17, 2011

tag-up tuesday... on thursday

How many Tuesday's have I missed? ha! It must mean I've been really, really busy and I wish I could say I've been busy with sewing. mmmmm-mn. no, not especially but I do have a couple items to show you even though a project/gift or two flew out the door without having their photo taken. (gasp!)

On to it then...

a fun little tee for our nephew who celebrated his first birthday.
(Yes, his dad's name is Richard. but more importantly, his dad's 'hockey name' is Dick.)
just some fun with a bit of 'Dick & Jane' fabric I've had sitting on the shelf for a while.

a stack of flannel-backed wash cloths and flannel burpies to gift

and that week-long visit from Gramma (my mom) when by in a flash! We were busy, busy -- the kind of week/visit that leaves you so completely exhausted at the end of each day that you fall into bed or 'lose the battle' on the couch. Kinda like this:

Do you think we could get Logan real eyeglasses like that? He insisted on wearing the glasses from his doctor kit even though he was too tired to keep his eyes open.
(Mike is faking sleep for the photo. or is that completely obvious?)

I had to show you that this is starting already.
See Carter? He's inside his and Logan's 'trailer'. They are playing 'camping' -- this is when a fort is constructed around the Little Tikes kitchen and the play table Mike built for them. Paityn knows the boys are inside and she wants IN! but they have placed sufficient barricades around the entrance to keep her out. Oh, was she mad!

but some time with Logan later on, made up for it.
She so loves her brothers and they love her just as much!

and my dear little Miss P, bless her heart! She's changing her napping schedule from two shorts to ONE LOOOOOONG! and it falls just perfectly after lunch when her brothers have their best, most intense, absolutely independent play time which means mom gets to get some things done. ahem. sew. (yeah!) I got in nearly two hours of sewing yesterday. yuh-huh! one more hour and I'll have something new to show you!

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Terri @ said...

Your kids are so cute. Yeah Paityn for upgrading your nap into sewing time for Mom :) I'm so excited to see what you have been working on.

BTW are those fannel backed washcloths something that you sell? We have 3 babies coming in our little church (so far one boy and one girl thanks to the wonders of ultrasound and 3D ultrasound... there is always a lot of fun stuff in the baby world). Anyway, I was hoping to buy their gifts from you. I would love to buy them all quilts, but I don't think that's in my budget. What do you think? Babies aren't until June, July and ?


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