Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tag-up tuesday

just... barely... squeezing... in... a... blog... post...
as I wait for the washer to finish a load of wash before I go to bed.

And it's Tuesday so we're tagging up, and what have I accomplished?

Baby Stacks have finally made it into the shop -- take a peek here to see everything included in the stacks.

The Home Organization Journal/Centre is complete. complete without a photo. that's crappy. I'll have to snap one in the daylight for you all to see next week!

Some home reorganizing and decorating. I know, I know! not on the list. but we're having some fun with it! Our current projects are the front entrance and living room. More paint was purchased today, a new doorbell was installed yesterday and a beautiful plank chosen for a bench project and you'll get to see the creation process of that bench. I promise! The living room has a new furniture arrangement, new pillows fluffed and placed, art rearranged, new art purchased (I just sent him in to the store to look at what I had been thinking would be nice in the room and Mike came out of the store with two pieces and sent me in to look at another. Yes, I walked out with that one too.), a new beautiful yellow end table with very useful drawers and a coffee table project -- also for you to see! You will have to wait for warmer weather for these two projects though. We need to do some of it outside. (c'mon snow! melt, melt, melt!)

Probably the most wonderful accomplishment: Logan is potty trained. : ) smiles all around! He's done great!

New projects and projects still on the go:
-some stacks of fabric have been set aside for carseat/stroller quilts.
-there's a stack of little bags like these that need a bit more assembling before going in the shop.

-there's a large piece of jersey fabric that came home with me the other day to experiment with for a really fun and cute item for all the women out there!

That's all I've got other than doing the laundry, washing floors, making beds, taking care of my little family, birthday parties, play dates etc. etc...

Okay! tag up and go! and get something done!

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Shirley said...

Rachelle your photos are as good as any I've seen in House and Home. Nice entries.


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