Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tag-up tuesday

a new banner. (ta da!)
That's this week's contribution to tag-up Tuesday.
I've been meaning to do some sprucing up around here. A new banner seemed like a good place to start and it meant more fun on Picnik. can't resist! (the banner is going to get more work than this. I'm not totally happy with the black bars...)

There's not been much sewing accomplished around here of late. We've just been toooo busy with the kids and parties and family functions.

Have you seen the Mug Rug Madness going on around the blogsphere? so cool and such a fun way to practice and learn some new quilting techniques! Seems to me we have two more seconds to thank for all this lovely creativity. Check out the Flickr pool here. lotsa eye candy for you!

(Whatsa mug rug? quite simply a super-mini quilt but over-sized coaster and landing place for your water glass/coffee cup/chillin' iced tea/etc and treat (optional, of course but we all do deserve a little treat once in a while) throughout the day. Just some prettiness for your kitchen counter, table, desk or where ever you hang out all day.)

So this week we'll get Spring Break behind us and return to our 'normal routine'. And all of you with small children or any aged children know what 'normal routine' refers to. Ha, Ha!

Have a great week -- tag-up and get something done! (maybe sew a mug rug!)

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