Sunday, April 3, 2011


after hearing so much about it in blogland and all the raves and accolades, I told myself 'to not to'. I KNEW I'd get hooked. and enjoy it. and that I really shouldn't.

but I did it.

I clicked on Pinterest.

and a huge world of eye candy and potential projects and 'heart-skipping-a-beat' moments just opened up. Look at some of these lovelies just from the homepage.

a perfect little project for spring and Easter! (maybe eggs for lunch today?)

Do I need to say anything about this necklace? wow.

I don't scrapbook anymore but I do have a bunch of beautiful papers begging for a project. What an easy little Modge Podge project to brighten up your room? All you need is pictured: pretty papers, Modge Podge, artist's canvasses and a sponge paint brush.

The real to-do list. I couldn't get this one to upload larger so scrinch up close to your screen to read these lovelies.

I should have tried to upload a larger image of this one. Wouldn't it be so nice to have a room like this to make a creative mess in?

I've been oogling at vintage pyrex of late. I love bowls. I love the colours. I love the memories. Maybe I'll start collecting. It's fun to have a collection (so says, Carter.)

This is just so pretty! Think of all the ways you could use one of these. I think even cookies and squares would be nice, or fruit or dips and chips and veggie dippers or your kids' colouring and crafting stuff, in a low-storage bathroom for lotions and potions, put your pretty jewellery on it...

This one is for my mom. We had a conversation about her ribbon box and someone making a mess of it. This idea might help.

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Kimberly White said...

Pinterest is fun and addicting! Who are you on there so we can follow eachother? I'm Kimberly White. Hope you have a wonderful day Rachelle!


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