Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100 posts and squashed (giveaway!)

It's happening more often now: I'm ramping up, telling a friend/coworker/other person a story about our family and life around here and I get this: "I know, I read your blog." oh. Okay, so in the story-telling moment I'm feeling momentarily squashed but! I'm so tickled that I have readership anonymous or not. (Take a look on the right at Google Friend Connect. ONE. Thank you, Terri! Maybe some of my other readers might want to join Friend Connect and show their friendship around the blogsphere?)

So in the spirit of celebrating 100 posts (yah!!) and ALL MY readers (even if there are only ten of you), I'm hosting my own giveaway. And not just one giveaway but three. What are they, you say? Well, not too long ago I made jewellery -- mostly
bracelets -- and I still have some pretties to share.

Here's how it goes:
because I so enjoy your comments on my blog: one entry for leaving a comment. Remember to leave your email address so I know how to get in contact with you, especially if you're going to leave your comment anonymously and ignore your second chance at an entry. Get another entry for appearing on the right in Friend Connect. and that's not because I want to appear popular and have a 'following'. not really anyways.

Comments will be open until Sunday, August 22nd.

Names will be picked randomly on Monday, August 23rd.

easy peasy. looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

if you were born in 1973

You might be turning 37 today.
(that car might be turning 37 too.)

Happy Birthday to my hubby, Mike!
I love you tonnes and so do our kiddos!

We celebrated on Sunday afternoon with cake and a barbeque'd supper with his parents. Just a lovely day outside...

Carter insisted that Dad needed a candle and picked the Spiderman candle from his own last birthday. It was a bit breezy and we were having trouble getting the candle to stay lit with the 'fire gun' as Logan calls it. I think it's a good name. Better than 'fire clicker' as I call it.

The cake.

As I was icing this cake on Saturday night, I decided it was not my best looking cake (no Martha award this time) but it was sure going to taste really good. Three layers of vanilla pudding on the inside and Betty Crocker helped with the icing on the outside (seems I was out of icing sugar but I totally recommend adding vast amounts of cocoa to a tub of Betty's French Vanilla frosting. YUM!). It made me think of my sister, Becky who had iced 175 cupcakes for our cousin's wedding earlier that day -- with icing made from scratch. I'm sure her work was worthy of the Martha award.

Everyone has their plate of cake. No Logan didn't get half the cake even though it looks like he's about to dig into a complete half of the cake.

That might be half of the cake on his face, though...

as you can see, although it was Mike's Day, all of our days still are all about our kids.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

what we've been up to... #2

On our trip to Smithers, we also visited with Uncle John, Aunt Sylv and Sheri...

Not only is it fabulous to have an opportunity to visit with MY family once in a while, visiting with them was a welcomed break from the busyness of the family reunion. The boys had a fabulous time playing inside on Saturday and their backyard on Monday morning.

Carter checking out their beautiful flower gardens.

Logan & Uncle John checking out what's to see in a View Finder (tell me you had one of these as a kid! has anyone seen these recently? can we still give them to our kids?)

Carter and Uncle John spent some time kicking a soccer ball around.

Logan still having fun with the View Finder.

Thanks again for the visit!

PS: are you counting? I've nearly made it to 100 posts -- already! I guess I've got to reach 100 in the traditional style and host a giveaway. Stay tuned, this is #98...

what we've been up to... #1

We've been to Telkwa/Smithers for a family reunion to celebrate Pake & Beppe Heimstra's 60th wedding anniversary....

See three kids crammed into the back seat of our truck? These kids are troopers: no complaints over a sixteen-hour drive.

Pake & Beppe's (and Oma too) first home in Telkwa.

It may not look like it but there are close to 100 people gathered here for family pictures in front of the house.

Aunt Jen went retro on us and brought her kids' Wet Banana for all the grandchildren & great-grandchildren to play on. Aunt Jen even demonstrated (no pics available).

Paityn enjoying some Father-Daughter time with Mike.

One of those silly pictures you take through your windshield while driving. Note the blurry bug spat on the right. But still a lovely view of Mt Robson, no?

Another windshield shot... of some ridiculously huge logs on a logging truck. The small ones were actually more of the same only flipped over to balance the load. Consider there are only 16 logs on this truck. amazing.


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