Monday, July 27, 2009

a sandy evening

a hot day followed by an evening playing in the sandbox.

Dangerous DeHaans

If you're ever in the neighborhood, keep an eye out for this guy. He's as friendly as he looks and has been known to chase women, small children and large rodents with his chosen weapon, as pictured here: an x175 double-barreled supersoaker.

This is his son, the instigator.
Don't be fooled by that charming smile; he got it from his father.

This is his little brother. not so threatening; easy to outrun in his flip flops and easy to spot in his brightly coloured t-shirts.

Watch out for his mother. She tries to keep the peace but is usually the one with dirty hands, if you know what I mean. Here she is loading weapons for the boys.

And the little guy. He gets really excited and can be unpredictable when there's a commotion going on. harmless weapon though.

More of the great water fight of Thursday night.


the most delightful sandbox ever

Our sand arrived last Thursday! Our sandbox will no longer be a box of weeds but what it should be: a box of fun! It's the perfect sand -- all sticky and brown-sugary; delightful to dig in, drive trucks in and sit in. The sand was delivered by our friends at Greenland Garden Centre and dumped in the sandbox by Carter and Opa in Opa's skid steer. Raked out smooth by Mom and Dad and enjoyed by all but especially Carter and Logan!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

when it's too quiet

for Elizabeth, Carter and Logan:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
Your hands can reach when I am out of sight...

It was much too quiet on this day. I was busy packing for our family trip to Pappa & Grandma's house and the boys were playing downstairs. indeed they were. Carter and I had planted seeds weeks earlier that were to be transplanted to the garden later that day. Instead the little yogurt cups were capsized and Thomas the Tank Engine trudged through through the delightful dirt. Did I mention we'll be filling the sandbox later this week?

haircuts, pools and thunderstorms

Well! We managed to get the boys' haircut yet again amidst flying hair snippits, tears and snot. Imagine the state of our kitchen afterwards. Carter was later (and we're talking a mere 2 minutes later) very pleased with his new haircut exclaiming that he had 'cool hair like Dad, Opa and Uncle Richard'.

The pool has been replaced -- twice. Carter and Logan had a fun afternoon with the orange pool pictured here but it did go back as the slide (the very fabulous feature of this particular pool) was, shall we say, unsafe as it floated and consistently slipped out from underneath any patron who was the tiniest bit off balance. Might the average two and three year old be somewhat balance-challenged from time to time? We found another plain little round blue one; just like we had before. (yes, Grandma: the boys were wearing globs of spf 45 sunscreen and their hats, the very ones you bought them, were replaced on their nearly bald little heads immediately after these pictures were taken. No sunburnt little boys around here.)

And the thunderstorm that rocked Edmonton... Sitting up north of the city, we were spared of the second storm that tore down tree branches, damaged a pedway, bent highway signs over in half and left many without power for more than a day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

how to spend a very hot day

It was 30 degrees in the shade today and needed we some relief! We hauled out the old faithful wading pool from the shed and all the fun pool toys. Top if off with picnic lunch and you're set!

I just love this shot of the two of them jumping in the pool. The water was COLD! We're talking northern Alberta garden tap COLD! Carter and Logan are real boys did not miss an opportunity to "get Mom". I received many "leg-hugs" from boys dripping with cold water. It became quite a game at the very first hug as soon as I squealed.

Last summer Logan was only crawling (can you believe that?) and too small for the deep water the big kids NEEDED in the wading pool. He sat in his outgrown baby bathtub to splash in the back yard. Looks like he likes the big pool better.

Somehow I caught Carter falling over the side of the pool... with my camera, not my arms. This is Mike's favourite picture from the entire afternoon.

Logan enjoying his lunch of sandwiches, blueberries and rip-l-chips. What's a picnic without Old Dutch? Yes, they ate their chips first, yes the blueberries were second and yes, Logan threw his breadcrusts into the pool.

After our busy afternoon, some time with Dad after work and supper; a creamsicle topped off the day perfectly. One day I need to video Logan with a creamsicle. Most adults can't finish them off as neatly as he can. It makes me giggle everytime. And no, they're not naked; just appropriately dressed for a possible popsicle mess.

...and a little note about that fabulous, faithful wading pool: upon emptying after all our fun, the floor seam tore from wall to wall. so sad. so hope we can still get another one for the rest of the summer. The boys have been told they must get a haircut before we buy another pool. more on that later! (don't say they don't look like they need a haircut! especially if you've ever seen their father's cut!)


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