Monday, January 31, 2011

perfect little monday

Mondays around here are home days. We stay in, sometimes continue the weekend mode; sometimes recover from the weekend. Today is shaping up perfectly -- it's one of the 'continuing the weekend' kind of Mondays.

The report on our visit with Snuggles is done and ready to bring to school.

Paityn has been having another bout of rough days with teething -- tooth #2 appeared this morning. But look, she's still happy and smily!

Thank you Auntie Becky for these awesome stencils! I added a new box of pencil crayons and these two boys have been kept busy since lunchtime.

Which means I've been sneaking around doing some of this!
You'll see more tomorrow on Tag-Up Tuesday.

Hope your Monday is as happy as ours!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


This past Tuesday Carter came home with a large purple backpack... reluctantly. It was a school project and he did not want to participate. The pack sat unopened in the front entrance for a few hours before my curiosity got the best of me. I opened it. A binder and fur. Out popped Snuggles, the class bear and the binder gave me clues as to what we were to do with this house guest. Basically: show him a good time (and document it). Show him a good time, we did when I finally convinced Carter it was going to be fun.

Carter and Snuggles headed out to our rink in the back yard for a little hockey.

Maybe Snuggles isn't the best goalie?
or is that balaclava restricting his vision?

Logan takes his turn.

A sleigh ride for Snuggles back to the house.

Okay, a fast sleigh ride back to the house.

Some shoveling work with the boys.

Snuggles is way into the shoveling, isn't he?

A snack after hockey and shoveling: hot chocolate and oranges.

Snuggles preferred honey.

Carter and Paityn had a tea party with Snuggles.

Breakfast was honey again.

Good night Snuggles!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

building a quilt

On Tuesday I mentioned a brand new little boy who's mama asked for a little wee quilt for him because she loves Paityn's quilt so much. Well, even though I have two little boys, my stash of fabric suitable for little boys (or males in general) is sparse. because I can't resist pinks and flowers and girlie-girl prints. So some fabric shopping is required. yesssss!

Now, do I fabric shop with Paityn (negotiating a stroller in the fabric store) and Logan (energetic three year old) in tow while Carter is in school or wait until Friday when we do our errands as a family and have the added pressure of the family waiting in the parking lot becoming grumpier by the second because I'm having trouble finding the very perfect fabric and I'm taking waaaaay too long? Let's consider.... Yup. I took P and L on Tuesday. L did really well because I promised some time in the toy store afterwards. (It's nearly next door -- how convenient! Remembering that for next time.)

Here's what I came home with:

Now to decide pattern and placement...

Hope your day's a good one!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tag-up tuesday

Work in progress. That's what Tag-Up Tuesday is all about. Tag-up and GO!

Here's a peek at projects I've got in the works right now...

(oops! Monday got the best of me and I haven't any photos to show you!)

Snuggle Down Baby Quilt (remember the 'thinking' post?)
Nursing Aprons
Pile of Flannel (for blankies, pj's)

and there's a matter of a brand new little boy who was born yesterday (sharing a birthday with Carter) who needs a Snuggle Down Baby Quilt too. This one requires some shopping and that is good.

that's is for now.

Tag-Up and GO!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Today his is five years old. Our Carter. And in five years he's become quite the little man.

We love you heaps and tonnes, Carter! Have a super Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom & Dad, Logan & Paityn

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Do you have a quiet, comfy place where you go to think? reflect? pray? I do. but not on purpose. It's not often that there is quiet in this household with three little ones under five. Silence is a bit of a treat to me. So much so that I often stay up late after the rest of the household has fallen asleep just to enjoy the silence.

Where's my 'place'? In the quiet of snuggling under a warm blanket and rocking Paityn to sleep. It used to be Logan and before that it was Carter but they don't seem to need that kind of snuggling so much anymore. But in the calm, quiet of the nursery be it 2:00 pm or 2:00 am, once her little eyelids have fallen shut... I'm talking to God, reflecting on blessings, thinking about loved ones, planning my week, deciding on menus, redecorating our home, designing a sewing project. I often sit there long after she's fallen to her sweet dreams.

Then I tuck Paityn in and jump back into the busyness of life at our house.

This afternoon I finally came up with a design for a stroller quilt for this fabric. It's my next project and I'm anxious to get on it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

in the shop

Valentine's Day is approaching and LOOK! Mom whipped up these two cutie-pie, love-themed aprons for the February festivities. They're so pretty why would anyone save them for one month of the year -- wear the love all year long!

They're in the shop; go take a peek!

PS: what a model, eh? do you know who she is?

Friday, January 21, 2011


I know we all marvel at how our kids grow but I love looking back at pictures of our kids and seeing how they've changed. The boys are at a crazy stage right now -- I can't keep up with what they're learning and doing. (I can't keep up with their shrinking pant legs, either.) It's phenomenal, isn't it? And on that thought, here are some 'old' images for you to see as well as some recent. It's good to reflect on what we've accomplished as we begin a new year.

Logan, Summer 2008

Carter, Summer 2008

bringing in the potato harvest, Fall 2009

icing banana cupcakes, March 2010

two proud brothers with their new sister

Paityn on her birthday

Carter & Paityn, Christmas 2010

tobogganing in Manitoba, Christmas 2010

(it's a toboggan slide. think: a bobsledding track but made for kids.)

We discovered that Carter had no fears on the toboggan hills.
(see the spotter at the bottom? That's Papa!)

Paityn at the park

...and so they grow and so it goes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

i'm ready now

Okay January 2011! I'm ready for you now. Laugh at me cuz it's taken me two weeks to get back into routine after all the holiday and new year excitement. I'm ready now. I've got a plan. Here we go.

I have two goals for this year.

Goal #1: SIMPLIFY. That means in everything to free up time, free up space have a less hectic day everyday and enjoy everything in everyday. A changed family lifestyle that will benefit us all. For myself, I know I can make things much more complicated than they need to be and that's over. Okay, I might need baby steps along the way but we've started off with giant steps. More on that later tho...

Goal #2: To make something of the little sewing business I started with my mom this past November. Work on getting our name out there, building a line of goodies that everyone will want to have for themselves and loving the time spent creating (that's an easy one!) Goal #1 will help to make that happen by freeing up a bit more time to spend sewing and blogging about it.

Pretty wide, broad goals but so doable and gonna get done. And since I've blogged it, I've got lots of you to hold me accountable along the way.

Here we go, 2011!


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