Thursday, December 3, 2009

baby frame

Here's hoping Jenilee (Mike's sister) isn't a dedicated reader of my blog -- for the next couple days anyways. Little Connor (son of Jeni & Kyle -- not my brother Kyle) is not only celebrating his first birthday this week (Dec 2) but will also be dedicated on Sunday. I'd post his little cheese (it's a very cute one) but not without permission and well, that might make them look.

We're not able to attend the weekend's festivities with the rest of the family (they live a four drive from us) but I didn't forget Connor's frame. It's a little tradition of sorts I've started within the last year or so for new babies of family and friends-- typically a gift for Dedication Day though.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

must make

I can't remember whose blog I saw these little wonders on but they are made by 3 Girls and a Goat on Etsy and I can't get them out of my head. I must make these!

I've trekked to Michael's, two boys in tow, 40% off coupon in my wallet, to purchase a scalloped circle paper punch and found the box of old, received Christmas cards up on the top shelf of the closet.

And now I start. Punching holes, no: medallions from those Christmas wishes and greetings from years gone by but what I'll have in the end will be so much prettier and eye-appealing than that box of old cards. You will marvel at this hanging in my house. What would you think if I left a stack of Christmas wishes from 2001 on my mantle?

More to come!


I try my best to plan an activity for Carter and I while Logan has his afternoon naps. It chases away the boredom monster. We made these cinnamon buns a few weeks ago but I had forgotten about these pictures. Just so you know, I'm trying to cultivate more than one Buikema-Baker...

(Notice how Mike did not paint the inside of my kitchen cupboard doors? Forces me keep them closed cuz they're still ugly on the inside...)

Yes, it's a terrible picture -- in quality -- but I love this smile and glee. Carter worked that pile of flour with his two spatulas for so long...

The result: two dozen yummy cinnamon buns. I used to make them all the time and now, not so much anymore. Better get on that.

You thought I was going to share the recipe like previous cooking and baking posts.

Not this time, honey! This one is mine!


Here is Logan in all his two-ness splendor! And some other party pics -- enjoy!

The cake was a hit and really was fun to put together too. Best of all: it was quick!

In the next moment, I turned the cake so Logan could blow out his candle. The flame, however, was too much to resist. He put his little finger in it. Ouch! I think he felt more betrayed than hurt though because he moved on to cake-mode quite quickly.

Carter is making quick work out of his favourite dessert.

Logan was left to his lonesome to eat and play with his cake trucks after everyone else gobbled down their cake. He took his time and enjoyed every morsel while I kept him company.

On the theme of "messes", all the kids at the party went home with their very own kid-sized apron (yes, I sewed them) -- the pockets were stuffed with treats, of course.


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