Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here is Logan in all his two-ness splendor! And some other party pics -- enjoy!

The cake was a hit and really was fun to put together too. Best of all: it was quick!

In the next moment, I turned the cake so Logan could blow out his candle. The flame, however, was too much to resist. He put his little finger in it. Ouch! I think he felt more betrayed than hurt though because he moved on to cake-mode quite quickly.

Carter is making quick work out of his favourite dessert.

Logan was left to his lonesome to eat and play with his cake trucks after everyone else gobbled down their cake. He took his time and enjoyed every morsel while I kept him company.

On the theme of "messes", all the kids at the party went home with their very own kid-sized apron (yes, I sewed them) -- the pockets were stuffed with treats, of course.

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momof3 said...

Can I just say you are amazing! The aprons are awesome and the cake is just splendid! Lucky kids to have such a talented mommy!


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