Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year

Happy New Year!

I bet you thought I forgot, didn't you?  
not about 2012; about this little blog.
aux contraires, mes amis!


still in baby stages.
but readable, followable, enjoyable.

see you there.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

changes are a-comin'

I've been quiet.
there's been a lot going on around here.
I have much to update you on...

stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tag-up tuesday

I know, I know! It's Wednesday. forgive me.

Check out these fun little business cards I've been working on with Picnik.

I wanted images of FUN. I think I've got it. There are a few more in the works but that's just it. They need more work.

There's an order of nursing aprons going out tomorrow and more nursing aprons in progress for the shop. Hopefully, you'll see them there on the weekend! I'm cooking up a new idea for a very unique apron and pondering quilts I'd like to make... along with the other projects I'm attempting to finish. better get to work.

Enjoy the rest of your week!
(tag-up and GO!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


after hearing so much about it in blogland and all the raves and accolades, I told myself 'to not to'. I KNEW I'd get hooked. and enjoy it. and that I really shouldn't.

but I did it.

I clicked on Pinterest.

and a huge world of eye candy and potential projects and 'heart-skipping-a-beat' moments just opened up. Look at some of these lovelies just from the homepage.

a perfect little project for spring and Easter! (maybe eggs for lunch today?)

Do I need to say anything about this necklace? wow.

I don't scrapbook anymore but I do have a bunch of beautiful papers begging for a project. What an easy little Modge Podge project to brighten up your room? All you need is pictured: pretty papers, Modge Podge, artist's canvasses and a sponge paint brush.

The real to-do list. I couldn't get this one to upload larger so scrinch up close to your screen to read these lovelies.

I should have tried to upload a larger image of this one. Wouldn't it be so nice to have a room like this to make a creative mess in?

I've been oogling at vintage pyrex of late. I love bowls. I love the colours. I love the memories. Maybe I'll start collecting. It's fun to have a collection (so says, Carter.)

This is just so pretty! Think of all the ways you could use one of these. I think even cookies and squares would be nice, or fruit or dips and chips and veggie dippers or your kids' colouring and crafting stuff, in a low-storage bathroom for lotions and potions, put your pretty jewellery on it...

This one is for my mom. We had a conversation about her ribbon box and someone making a mess of it. This idea might help.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tag-up tuesday

a new banner. (ta da!)
That's this week's contribution to tag-up Tuesday.
I've been meaning to do some sprucing up around here. A new banner seemed like a good place to start and it meant more fun on Picnik. can't resist! (the banner is going to get more work than this. I'm not totally happy with the black bars...)

There's not been much sewing accomplished around here of late. We've just been toooo busy with the kids and parties and family functions.

Have you seen the Mug Rug Madness going on around the blogsphere? so cool and such a fun way to practice and learn some new quilting techniques! Seems to me we have two more seconds to thank for all this lovely creativity. Check out the Flickr pool here. lotsa eye candy for you!

(Whatsa mug rug? quite simply a super-mini quilt but over-sized coaster and landing place for your water glass/coffee cup/chillin' iced tea/etc and treat (optional, of course but we all do deserve a little treat once in a while) throughout the day. Just some prettiness for your kitchen counter, table, desk or where ever you hang out all day.)

So this week we'll get Spring Break behind us and return to our 'normal routine'. And all of you with small children or any aged children know what 'normal routine' refers to. Ha, Ha!

Have a great week -- tag-up and get something done! (maybe sew a mug rug!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's a picnik

I love taking photos of my little ones. and I love having fun with those photos on Picnik! If you've not tried Picnik yet, please do. It is nothing more than an online tool to edit and enhance your own photos. No downloads and no membership/registration is required but it is awfully handy having your projects saved for another bout of photo editing fun. Free registration allows you to save projects and your previous five photo uploads. Here's some Picnik fun!

You could just add some text to a pic like this:

or make a collage like this:

and Picnik even allows you to fix blemishes like the candle soot on Mike's nose from my birthday festivities:

after the blemish fix (click on the 'touch-ups' tab):

There are frames to add, effects to add, text (and lotsa fonts to choose from peoples), and more! Picnik may be used to print photos as well as share online and they are not paying me for all this praise! So go, grab some photos, have some fun, save them, share them and go print them with Picnik or your usual photo printing service and Have Fun!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tag-up tuesday

just... barely... squeezing... in... a... blog... post...
as I wait for the washer to finish a load of wash before I go to bed.

And it's Tuesday so we're tagging up, and what have I accomplished?

Baby Stacks have finally made it into the shop -- take a peek here to see everything included in the stacks.

The Home Organization Journal/Centre is complete. complete without a photo. that's crappy. I'll have to snap one in the daylight for you all to see next week!

Some home reorganizing and decorating. I know, I know! not on the list. but we're having some fun with it! Our current projects are the front entrance and living room. More paint was purchased today, a new doorbell was installed yesterday and a beautiful plank chosen for a bench project and you'll get to see the creation process of that bench. I promise! The living room has a new furniture arrangement, new pillows fluffed and placed, art rearranged, new art purchased (I just sent him in to the store to look at what I had been thinking would be nice in the room and Mike came out of the store with two pieces and sent me in to look at another. Yes, I walked out with that one too.), a new beautiful yellow end table with very useful drawers and a coffee table project -- also for you to see! You will have to wait for warmer weather for these two projects though. We need to do some of it outside. (c'mon snow! melt, melt, melt!)

Probably the most wonderful accomplishment: Logan is potty trained. : ) smiles all around! He's done great!

New projects and projects still on the go:
-some stacks of fabric have been set aside for carseat/stroller quilts.
-there's a stack of little bags like these that need a bit more assembling before going in the shop.

-there's a large piece of jersey fabric that came home with me the other day to experiment with for a really fun and cute item for all the women out there!

That's all I've got other than doing the laundry, washing floors, making beds, taking care of my little family, birthday parties, play dates etc. etc...

Okay! tag up and go! and get something done!


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