Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tag-up tuesday

It's Tuesday already! It's winter break and we are enjoying a week at home without the school routine. I find it's easier to get into projects when I know I can continue on it the next day should I be interrupted.

over the past week:
-a cute birthday gift for Carter's classmate. enter pink ruffled apron and hair ties at left. (just a side note: Snuggles was at the party. Poor guy was wearing a pink and purple satin dress.)

-sorting through outgrown clothes and kids stuff. Now there are four boxes to drop off at the thrift store, six totes to drop off for consignment, four Kijiji ads (posted! and two of those four items are on their way out my door this afternoon.) and a handful of found 'lost items'.

-supplies gathered for the 'Home Organization Journal'. When purchasing the binder, I grabbed another big one and Carter and I put all his school
work in it. He's been paging through it telling me about the projects and is pretty excited to bring home new work to hole punch and add to the binder. If you visit, I'm sure he'll show you his work too. He's quite proud!

-two sales in the shop! and a custom order to fill. If you were oogling them, the dino blankie and the grey dotted blankie are gone. The new owner of the grey dotted blankie requested another in orange which pleased us so -- there is a certain boy (C.) in this household who LOVES all things orange and is quite excited for fabric shopping tomorrow.

-demolition. Not really my project -- it's Mike's but it does involve me too. The first level of our basement (there are two) has been torn apart! Insulation and framing removed, floors being scraped... We're needing some more bedrooms in this house -- especially with it being our turn to host family Christmas this year (hint, hint, family! -- book early, the rooms will go fast.) That being said, it will come to a time when Carter and Logan will no longer want to share a bedroom and our three bedroom house will accommodate when they make that decision. But we do live far from most of our family so I'm most of all happy to have the extra space for visitors.

On the block this
-potty training Logan -- another attempt. It's going well this time. I think we've got it!

-Valentine's Day care packages. I still work casually for King's just helping out with their Student Care Package program. I get to do the fun stuff: creating and delivering care packages. There are 17 care packages waiting to be tied closed with ribbon.

-fabric shopping: some 'warm & natural' to start quilting the little boy's quilt and orange flannel.

-I'm determined to get some more flannel blankies in the shop this week. In fact, I'm hitting the cutting table immediately after this. Okay, immediately after lunch. I'm hungry.

-the 'Home Organization Journal'. This is shaping up well -- I need some help from my DH though, so you'll have to wait a bit to see.

-three check-ups at the doctor's office tomorrow. Should be fun, no? lol! I'm sure there will be a story to share...

that's it! I'm feeling motivated having all of you to keep me accountable to my projects. Thank you! and thank you for reading. now go! get something done!!

Tag Up and GO!

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Terri @ em-belle-ish.blogspot.com said...

Wow! You are a busy lady aren't you? Do you get to sleep EVER? And the Student Care Package idea, that one is awesome. Are these V-day ones?


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