Saturday, January 29, 2011


This past Tuesday Carter came home with a large purple backpack... reluctantly. It was a school project and he did not want to participate. The pack sat unopened in the front entrance for a few hours before my curiosity got the best of me. I opened it. A binder and fur. Out popped Snuggles, the class bear and the binder gave me clues as to what we were to do with this house guest. Basically: show him a good time (and document it). Show him a good time, we did when I finally convinced Carter it was going to be fun.

Carter and Snuggles headed out to our rink in the back yard for a little hockey.

Maybe Snuggles isn't the best goalie?
or is that balaclava restricting his vision?

Logan takes his turn.

A sleigh ride for Snuggles back to the house.

Okay, a fast sleigh ride back to the house.

Some shoveling work with the boys.

Snuggles is way into the shoveling, isn't he?

A snack after hockey and shoveling: hot chocolate and oranges.

Snuggles preferred honey.

Carter and Paityn had a tea party with Snuggles.

Breakfast was honey again.

Good night Snuggles!


Terri @ said...

I want to come to your house :) Super fun! In fact, I think you might have the human house guests lined up for a visit after seeing what Snuggles got to do at your house. Love it!

katie said...

this is awesome, rachelle! i love the looks on the boys' faces.

kyle says you have too much fun being a mom :)

RachellaBella said...

Sometimes being a Mom is getting to be a kid all over again!

Shirley said...

I can tell that Carter, Logan and Snuggles had the best time!! You have pictures to prove it. I'll bet no classmates can top that! Way to go Mom!


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