Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a space for me & a prototype

I finally found/made some more time this weekend to tidy up my new sewing space a bit as well as do a little sewing.

My new sewing space: just off the kitchen in our 'sunken' family room. See? the boys can gaze at me through the railing from the kitchen.

This is the bookshelf that Opa Buikema made for me while I was in university. Hoping it's okay to store fabric on it too? Top shelf is dedicated to projects planned. The right side is flannel for baby receiving blankets. The basket holds a fishing game I've been working on for the boys. The left side is a stack of fabric for the following...

Here is the prototype of item #1 from me to go into our Etsy shop (soon to be opened).
I'm nearly happy with the little zipped bag. Just a couple tweaks and it'll be just right!

The lining inside
(does blogger ever do this to you? I can't get this pic to upload right side up!)

The stack of fabric from 'the left' ready for cutting and sewing.
Now to find/make the time...
(#5,6 & 7 from the bottom are "Bloom & Grow" (Riley Blake) from stitchsteals.com I've got it on order in pink too!)

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