Tuesday, July 21, 2009

haircuts, pools and thunderstorms

Well! We managed to get the boys' haircut yet again amidst flying hair snippits, tears and snot. Imagine the state of our kitchen afterwards. Carter was later (and we're talking a mere 2 minutes later) very pleased with his new haircut exclaiming that he had 'cool hair like Dad, Opa and Uncle Richard'.

The pool has been replaced -- twice. Carter and Logan had a fun afternoon with the orange pool pictured here but it did go back as the slide (the very fabulous feature of this particular pool) was, shall we say, unsafe as it floated and consistently slipped out from underneath any patron who was the tiniest bit off balance. Might the average two and three year old be somewhat balance-challenged from time to time? We found another plain little round blue one; just like we had before. (yes, Grandma: the boys were wearing globs of spf 45 sunscreen and their hats, the very ones you bought them, were replaced on their nearly bald little heads immediately after these pictures were taken. No sunburnt little boys around here.)

And the thunderstorm that rocked Edmonton... Sitting up north of the city, we were spared of the second storm that tore down tree branches, damaged a pedway, bent highway signs over in half and left many without power for more than a day.

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