Monday, July 27, 2009

Dangerous DeHaans

If you're ever in the neighborhood, keep an eye out for this guy. He's as friendly as he looks and has been known to chase women, small children and large rodents with his chosen weapon, as pictured here: an x175 double-barreled supersoaker.

This is his son, the instigator.
Don't be fooled by that charming smile; he got it from his father.

This is his little brother. not so threatening; easy to outrun in his flip flops and easy to spot in his brightly coloured t-shirts.

Watch out for his mother. She tries to keep the peace but is usually the one with dirty hands, if you know what I mean. Here she is loading weapons for the boys.

And the little guy. He gets really excited and can be unpredictable when there's a commotion going on. harmless weapon though.

More of the great water fight of Thursday night.

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