Saturday, November 21, 2009


We have a flu-ridden household but we're on the mend! Logan started with a little cough on Tuesday morning and we all went down hill in this order: Mike, Logan, Me and Carter. The doctor says it's just a virus -- nothing to be concerned about. The nights are rough tho. Logan and Carter are still having a tough time with coughing. I was told that I may not be sick since I am the glue.

What not to ask your sick-&-nearly-four-year-old at bedtime:
"Who's the sickest right now?" "Carter."
"Who's the perkiest right now?" "Yogan."
...and looking at Mike, sacked out on the couch, I asked: "Who's the grumpiest?" "Mom." Serves me right, eh?

The worst part: we woke up this morning to snow and a good amount. We watched Opa shovel what looks like a half-foot of heavy white stuff (ie: Opa left a lot and went in assumeably for a rest.) Carter is bent on going outside and helping Opa shovel. "Opa NEEDS my help!", he said in his croaky voice with a cough. There will be no outside time today.

To finish off, check out Carter's Christmas List as scribed by Mike. There was no prompting on these items and it is two-sided but I'm treating you to just the front. (The reverse lists "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" game and Levels: torpedo, magnetic, 2-foot, 6-foot, aluminum line level. Okay, there may have been some help with the levels... or it may have been destined for Mike's list, not Carter's. Mike was creating two at once.)

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