Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what Carter said

We all know little ones say the most amazing things but this one astounded me yesterday.

Every evening when the boys see the headlights from Mike's truck come up the driveway they run to the kitchen and wait and wait for him at the baby gate. This position gives them the best view of the hall to the back entrance where Dad will soon enter. As soon as Mike is in the door there is a fury of two little voices yelling, "Hi Dad!" as well as a report on the entire day's activities in about thirty seconds. (This is Mike's favourite part of coming home after a long day of work.)

This is what we heard from Carter last night as Mike got out of his steel toes and winter coveralls: "Oh, there's Dad in his best suit."

Where/how do they come up with these things? I must write more of them down...

1 comment:

Shirley Feenstra said...

Only my precious grandson(s) could say beautiful things like that!!


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