Thursday, February 4, 2010

escape from the excitement of pink; nearly

Because I do have TWO boys....

This is REALLY EXCITING because it's so hard to find great crafty items for boys. You can make girly things 'til the cows come home but boys are more difficult.

Made by Rae and Made are dedicating February to Celebrate the Boy! A whole month of boys crafts -- times two! I'm so excited about the tutorial to make a man's shirt into a boy's

and the recycled t-shirt hoodie.

I have so many of Mike's discarded shirts and t-shirts that are still in good shape/brand new but he won't wear or will never wear to begin with. It does look like I need to get my serger working though. (It was inherited without a manual or power cord.)

My quilt is freaking me out -- the machine quilting part. see how I'm stalling? suddenly I feel the need to finish other unfinished projects: pj pants (pinned and ready to sew for C & L), hem that cute flannel into receiving blankets, and then there's the Ikea fabric I bought when I was there with Mom two weeks ago....

Okay, I just found this via Noodlehead on Happy Together: pom pom tulle skirt. IT'S SO CUTE!

(Auntie Alice: you must bookmark and make one for Isla when she starts walking!)

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Kimberly White said...

Serious fun! And that pom pom skirt is DARLING!

PS. About the machine quilting ... my thoughts are to PRACTICE first and then just do it ... don't worry if the lines are wonky or not straight because in the end it WILL look gorgeous and handmade and made with love. I was so nervous about Joel's quilt but it looks great.


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