Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day

Here are the Valentine's treats that were inside the little parcels we mailed to Mom/Gramma, Auntie Becky and Auntie Katie....

The story goes: once upon a Christmas, Mom/Gramma bought Becky, me and herself each a fab shower cap. They were light blue fabric with snowflakes, lined with vinyl and those shower caps lasted a long time! Recently, I noticed that none of us were using them anymore. I knew the elastic was shot in mine and really only needed a new piece but I suspected the other two had turfed theirs. An excuse to sew! It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for 2009 but it didn't happen but the shower caps were still in my mind. When mom was visiting at the end of January and displayed a cheap, not-so-pretty (the truth, Mom) plastic, drug store shower cap, I knew I needed to get those shower caps sewn! Valentine's Day was the perfect occasion!

Cherries for Becky (I had a hard time parting with it!), red for Mom/Gramma and leaves and birds for Katie and I.

So all of you who sew want to know and this is how: cut a 19 inch circle of beautiful cotton fabric and vinyl (I used a piece of a light weight new shower curtain liner), stay stitch or serge the two together. Edge with bias tape (I used single fold for a neat, narrow edge) and zig-zag a piece of elastic one inch from the edge to fit your noggin. (You'll have to tuck and fold to get the entire circumference sewn to your elastic.) and voila! sew fabulous!

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