Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a productive tuesday

Yesterday was a pretty productive day in the sewing department.
I got some nearly-finished projects DONE. and that feels good!

This is what came off my sewing machine yesterday:

Five girly receiving blankets, hemmed and ready. I do want to add some fancy-pants trim yet (ric rac and ribbon) but for now they are ready for use. --just in case I don't get to it!

A racecar rice bag for Carter. He's been using one of mine lately but one night I found it around his neck (it wasn't long long enough to strangle, it just looked like maybe it wasn't such a good idea). So, a racecar rice bag. I traced an outline of Lightning McQueen from a giant colouring book and tried to replicate some of the lines with stitches so it still looks like a racecar. Not perfect, but I think Carter will enjoy it. I guess I'll be making one for Logan too!

This is one of three Lighning McQueen superhero capes I've been working on. One for each of the boys and one for their buddy who had a birthday last week. You can find the superhero pattern here on The Long Thread, a blog and website that I very much enjoy!

Carter is here modeling his buddy's cape that was finished this past Saturday. Yes, the cape's logos are different, that was my mistake: sewing the lightning bolts upside down. ooops! The boys have not noticed and now I think there is less likelihood of Disney/Pixar hunting me down.

Carter did not want the cape at first saying that he didn't want to fly. Wow, if I could sew a cape that would make him fly, wouldn't I be mom of the year? I convinced him that since it was a Lightning McQueen cape and Lightning McQueen doesn't fly, he wouldn't fly if he wore it.

Logan and Carter ran in circles around the house yesterday to make the cape flutter behind them. Logan ran into a few things because he was looking at his cape and not where he was going. I think the capes will be fun outside in the spring and summer when they can run far and not collide with anything!

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Kimberly White said...

I am going to make some of those capes ... and then I will be the mom of the year for sure! Thanks for the link ... and the inspiration!


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