Friday, March 12, 2010

spring in the air

It was a beautiful 9 degree day out here in Fort Saskatchewan. One not to be spent entirely indoors! The boys were up to their usual outdoor fun: digging. If any of you are acquainted with the famous orange spade, it met its match earlier this winter: Mike. Carter was most upset that "Dad broke my orange shovel" but a new one was promised as soon as they become available in the stores in the spring. I must say though, having only one kid-sized shovel has resulting in some fabulous 'taking turns' and sharing.

It's really hard to get face shots during outside play.
These guys are busy concentrating on some serious digging!

(this is a good shot of Logan's healing shiner, eh?
The first of many, I'm sure! as long as they're not all inflicted by his brother...)

Logan fell into the wet, mucky garden and was so upset: "MOM! irdy, irdy!"

Okay, he was so upset at first.


Kimberly White said...

Hooray for spring ... and sharing (do your kids need to play with the same toy at the same time too?) Have a great day!

Shirley Feenstra said...

Digging is a great way to spend an afternoon in the warm Alberta sunshine! Soon you'll be digging in the sandbox. Spring is finally here. Miss you guys!
Love, Gramma


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