Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the current situation

No pictures of this one -- sorry to disappoint but I'm not sure if it's appropriate. I had some paperwork to do this morning and when I emerged from my office I found two little boys who had shed their clothing -- all but the undies. Logan was trying with all his might to remove his diaper as well and was eventually successful. Why are they so hard to catch when naked?

Thinking the diaper would come off again, I put one of Carter's undies over Logan's diaper. Seems rather close to being the same as his big brother, right? Here's where your imagination comes in: Logan still desperately wants that diaper OFF! He is currently running around the living room, still with underwear over his diaper but the diaper is undone, the front and back tabs flapping up and down -- it's clear the diaper has sustained a good amount of tugging and yanking in removal efforts and there he is. It is a sight.

He so desperately wants to be potty trained. I'm worried about the communication gap but I think I may try it very soon!

(underwear is certainly a hot topic in our house of late. please don't think we're weird. we're just toilet training.)

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