Monday, October 5, 2009

sewing for boys

Let's be honest: there aren't a heap of sewing projects for boys (in comparison to girls, I mean). We did, however, participate in the September sew-along on Sew, Mama, Sew!: pj pants. I found a lovely tutorial online and we were off! The boys picked out some fabulous fabric at Marshall's.

I goofed on Logan's pattern and forgot to stretch the waistband of the pants while drawing the pattern so his pants were a little narrow in the hips. And if you know our Logan well, you know that that just will not do. That fabric will get used for something, someday.

Fortunately, Carter's fabric pick was a bolt end and the kind girl at Marshall's gave us all of it for the price of one meter (it was 60" fabric to boot!) and voila! A pair for Carter, followed by a pair for Logan. There will be more. The boys love their pants and it's fun little evening project for me during hockey season (it's started already, you know).

Mom is next!

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