Monday, October 5, 2009

tree planters

Wanting more leafy or shall we say, deciduous trees on the acreage, we started some tree planting this fall: a Hawthorne tree near the garden in front of the house, an Aspen on the side between our house and Mike's parents' and just for me: a Manitoba Maple to give shade to our future deck. It was a quick dig on a Friday night (Sept 25) before dark set in. Of course, Carter and Logan had tonnes of fun. Carter is always very serious about yardwork and projects -- Dad's right hand man. Logan can always see the opportunity for fun and never hesitates to take those opportunities. Enjoy the sights!

(not sure how Logan ended up with Carter's hat on but that's the reason for the hat he's drowning in.)

There seems to be more interesting things in the bush... Let me see...

I was right! look at these pinecones!

They put me back to work.

When Logan's pants dried, they stood up on their own. I'm not kidding.

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