Sunday, January 31, 2010

he is four

I'm a week late in posting Carter's birthday pics but here they are. It was a Spiderman day and there are still Spiderman balloons dangling from the ceiling in my kitchen.

Spiderman cupcakes and a really cool Spiderman candle.

It's tradition: everyone (who wants to) gets a turn to blow out the candles(and spit on the cake, I suppose. There was very minimal spitting this day-- even though it may look otherwise.)

A delicious Spidey cupcake over a fabulous Spidey tablecloth. It really is so easy to get carried away with all the Spiderman birthday items available. I did my best to control myself and still impress my four year old.

A very awesome Hot Wheels set from Grandma and Papa.

What little brothers do. (a very big 'cheese')

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