Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter buckets for boys

I've been wanting to try something like this for a while especially seeing all the patterns online for fabric baskets. I'm tired of broken baskets, plastic baskets, squashed baskets and think fabric being squishable and reshapeable might be a better option for toys.

I started with Easter buckets (there's a big egg hunt at Auntie Carolyn's house this year) which were made from an old pair of my jeans and an old pair of Mike's lounge pants as a lining. Voila!

Twelve inches of the bottom of my old jeans became the outside of the buckets and the same of Mike's lounge pants became the lining. I left the bottom hem of the jeans as the top hem of the bucket (they weren't all that tattered) and squared off the bottom. And of course, needed to add all kinds of ribbon to jazz it up. Does the ric rac look girly though?

So, if you really wanted to outfit your kids' toy room, one could take one pair of jeans and make a few of these buckets. I'm wondering what kind of bucket I might be able to assemble with the waist/bum part.... My intention is that after Easter the boys can store their Hot Wheels in these bags.

At any rate, the boys had a blast this afternoon with the buckets and about 75 plastic filler Easter eggs that they didn't know are supposed to house chocolates and other sweet treats. I hid the eggs three times before they realized, they too could hide the eggs. Hmmm-n. I know I'll be finding eggs all over the house for a while.

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Shirley Feenstra said...

Those baskets are amazing! And what fun! Who knew you could have a trial run at an Easter egg hunt? They aren't girly at all. I think they'll get lots of use. And they were made from "nothing". Grandma would be proud of you.

Love Gramma Shirley


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