Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last weekend on a visit to Home Depot, the boys were given kits to make a wooden fire truck. Carter really wanted to paint his and I agreed, knowing Logan would want to too and never had dipped a brush in paint yet. (terrible Mom, I know.) Paints were hauled out, the table covered in plastic and the boys each donned one of my old tank tops as a paint smock. Here's the fun...

Don't you love how different Carter and Logan are? This is Carter's palate (above). He mixes and uses every drop of paint possible and usually need about four refills. And Logan's palate (below) is so neat. Just dips in the brush, no smears of paint across his palate.

But what can we say for Logan's face? He was wearing a lot of paint by the time we were done with painting.

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Kimberly White said...

you are a great Mom! I don't think that would happen at my house ... maybe utside in the summer ... maybe! Looks like they had fun!


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