Friday, April 30, 2010


There's been a bear sighting! Logan's favourite game of late is to pretend he's a bear. He gets up in your face, puts on a snarly expression and roars: "RAAAR! BEAR!" and his hands go up to show his claws followed by fits of giggling. It's really cute and we always act scared of Logan the bear.

Much cuter than the ACTUAL BLACK BEAR I SAW IN OUR BACKYARD LAST NIGHT. What? I'm not needing to act as much now.

We're really not that far from civilization. In fact we live in a large subdivision of more than eighty-five homes. There are people everywhere. Trucks, cars, atv's and lots of noise. and there is a black bear.

I'm sure you can imagine: the neighborhood was a-buzzin' last night. phones were ringing. even a conservation officer received a call...


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